PadFone Infinity Best Price

Any time there is new technology that comes out, the price of it can either be really good and affordable, or really high and not so affordable. The reason why a new piece of technology might be high in price is because it is something brand new that no one has ever seen before. This is the case with the Padfone Infinity, it is a hybrid that is a phone and tablet that can be combined into one that is going to be coming out in a few months, and everyone is talking about what this will mean to the world of phones and tablets.

Barcelona, Spain is playing host for the MWC, which stands for the Mobile World Congress. The MWC is the place where many companies go to show off their latest gadget or talk about their upcoming release of something new. This year, the biggest announcement that has come out of Barcelona is the Padfone Infinity that is made by a company based out of Taiwan called Asus.
The Padfone Infinity has everyone at MWC talking because of the price that the Taiwanese company is asking for their phone-tablet hybrid. The price as of right now is 799 GB pounds, which translates into about 1200 US dollars. The PadFone Infinity best price right now is high, but that may be change it is released.

PadFone Infinity Best PriceWhen compared to regular tablets, that run about 200 dollars, or even the iPad mini, which is 350 dollars, the price of the Padfone Infinity is astronomical in comparison. Anyone that is interested in this piece of hybrid technology is going to wonder exactly what they should pay so much for the Padfone when other tablets are available for a much more reasonable price?
When this very important question was asked of Asus, the answer from the Taiwanese company was simply and straight forward: the technology. In the case of the Padfone Infinity, bigger is better. According to Asus, smaller phones have to be engineered in a special way so that the components inside of it are reduced in size. When technology is shrunken down to make a smaller phone, the quality of it tends to suffer.

Anyone that wants a great tablet with a nice HD display should look into getting the new Padfone Infinity. The phone-tablet hybrid will be out in the middle of the year (probably around June), and though the price tag may seem a little high, the tradeoff for the big price is the fact that it turn a phone into a tablet without the inconvenience and expense of having to buy a separate tablet.